Prashant 22.2

Prashant is back in the house!

Wir freuen uns auf den erneuten Besuch von unserem lieben Freund & Kollegen Prashant aus Indien – dem Mutterland des Yoga. Nach zwei Jahren Pausekommt er im Rahmen seiner Europa-Tour endlich wieder live zu uns ins Studio!

Es wird an diesem Samstag zwei englischsprachige Workshops mit Prashant geben:

Workshop 1: „Be Water my Friend – Qi Gong“ – Samstag 18.6.22 10.00 – 12.00 Uhr

„Ancient qigong and yoga are essentially two branches of the same tree. Though umbrella terms for a wide range of practices, both yoga and qigong are concerned with unifying the body in order to refine ones ‘qi’ or ‘prana’ to achieve higher states of being. The simple movements of qigong allow the student to easily and effectively feel the internal flows of energy in the body. Once connected with this energy, we can carry this sense in to our yoga practice to correct obstructions in flow and develop our practice to deeper and more subtle levels.

This form of Qi Gong, well known in China, is one of the four methods officially recognized. It has been inspired by Hua Tuo (a doctor in medicine of the Han dynasty), who has devised each movement from his watching wild animals’ behaviours.

Teilnahmepreis: 40 €

Workshop 2:  „Strength & Mobilty“ – Samstag 18.6. 14.00 – 16.00 Uhr

Most yoga classes incorporate many passive stretches to improve flexibility. While this has its benefits, it does little for keeping the body strong and resilient. This workshop will incorporate more active movements to take your joints through a full range of motion and less passive stretching than a typical yoga class. Expect different variations of squats, lunges, and push ups in addition to classical yoga poses. Some yoga experience required.

In this workshop, you will:
• Learn the difference between flexility and mobility.
• Take a look at each major joint and feel their possible ranges of motion.
• Practice movements that build better hip mobility, shoulder mobility, and core strength.
• Learn modifications for movements that you struggle with.‘

Prashant unterrichtet seit vielen Jahren Yoga. Genaue individuelle Ausrichtung, ein besseres Verständnis für die Asanas und den Körper sowie die heilenden Aspekte von Yoga stehen daher bei seinem Unterricht im Mittelpunkt.

Teilnahmepreis: 40 €

Teilnahmepreis für beide Sessions: 70 €

Prashant 22